Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive arrives in Bangalore

Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive allures Bangaloreans over the weekend; luxury cars adored by city folk

• Bangalore witnessed Mercedes-Benz’s unique customer engagement initiative, Luxe Drive
• Luxe Drive is based on three pillars of adrenaline, gourmet and lifestyle
• Chef Ranveer Brar, one of India’s most celebrated chefs whipped up some exclusive culinary for the people present at the event
• Vicky Chandhok, the renowned motorsports personality and former President of the Indian Motorsport Federation had his team of expert drivers showcase the prowess of Mercedes-Benz cars at the event
• Exclusive collection of luxury brands like Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, and Armani were presented by Genesis Luxury
• The first phase of Luxe Drive will see an intriguing set of activities in the form of blind fold photography workshop, a musical event and introduction of ‘Dine with the Star’ concept
• Patrons got an opportunity to drive Mercedes-Benz cars on a specially designed track giving them an adrenaline rush like never before
• Additionally, a complementary vehicle evaluation was organized along with special trade-in, personalized finance offers for interested patrons
• After Bangalore, Luxe Drive will travel to Chennai and Kochi in the 1st phase of the year

Bangalore: India’s largest luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz organized its unique
customer engagement initiative, Luxe Drive, in the ‘City of Gardens – Bangalore’ over the
weekend. The patrons who were present got a comprehensive brand experience, based
on the three pillars of Adrenaline, Gourmet and Lifestyle during these two days of the
event. The event became a runaway success and patrons enjoyed the luxurious brand
experience that blends the thrill of driving with lifestyle combined with gourmet. The event
was held at Nice Ring Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560060.

The patrons enjoyed the best of luxury and brand experience made available by
Mercedes-Benz India. Renowned Chef Ranveer Brar ensured the guests enjoyed
delectable platter prepared by him. The fashion workshop conducted by Genesis Luxury
created buzz among patrons as they showcased globally renowned lifestyle brands at the
event. Patrons also received an opportunity to drive the fascinating range of Mercedes-
Benz vehicles on the specially designed tracks. This drive showcased the technological
prowess and luxury quotient of the cars.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-
Benz India said, “The garden and IT city of Bangalore is a gateway of Southern prosperity
and it is a quintessential market for us at Mercedes-Benz. Customer engagement
programmes like Luxe Drive are essential to engage with our potential customer base and
we do this by providing them an indulgent brand experience synonymous with the Three
Pointed Star. Such customer oriented activities help us in creating and strengthening our
brand’s resonance with our patrons and prospective customers. At Luxe Drive, we inform,
engage and intrigue our audience by providing the best experience of gourmet, adrenaline
and lifestyle. We are confident of bringing more such customized engagement
programmes in the future, and continue to fascinate our valuable patrons with memorable

Mercedes-Benz introduced many interesting activities this year like the Blind Fold
Photography Workshop and Live Musical Performances to enthrall the patrons. The blind
fold photography workshop celebrates the diversity of human conditions; a visually
impaired photographer conducted workshops for people at the event. The Live Musical
Performance from Parekh and Singh entertained people at the event to the fullest. The
guests can got a self-driving experience of the New Generation Mercedes-Benz cars and

Luxe Drive had in store something for everyone, right from the tiny toddlers who can enjoy
themselves in the fun-filled zone specially created for them, to the ardent brand
enthusiasts who could pick some exclusive and trendy Mercedes-Benz merchandise. This
time AMG Lifestyle Collection was also on display in addition to the regular merchandise,
adding even more excitement. The MercedesTrophy zone had exclusive MercedesTrophy
goodies on display that kept the participants and families engaged throughout. The
Mercedes-Benz pre-owned car sales team also organized a free car evaluation where in a
special trade-in opportunity was provided along with personalized finance options.