Thursday, 23 June 2016

Millennium Automotive Group appointed as the sole Kahn distributor for Sri Lanka

Bradford, United Kingdom and Colombo, Sri Lanka, 22nd June 2016 

Kahn Group is pleased to announce a partnership with Millennium Automotive Group. The agreement sees Millennium appointed as the sole Kahn distributor for Sri Lanka.

Trading as Kahn Design Sri Lanka (Millennium Motors) this exciting appointment will allow the full range of Chelsea Truck Company, Project Kahn and Kahn Design products to be offered from Millennium’s impressive showroom facility in Colombo.

Stuart Whitmore, CEO of Millennium Automotive Group announced \\\"We are passionate about the world of luxury vehicles and bespoke design, thus ensuring Kahn is the perfect partner for us. We are delighted that they have decided to work with us to bring the best of automotive design to Sri Lanka.\\\"

Afzal Kahn, founder and Design Director of Kahn Group said: \\\"We are delighted to be adding Millennium to our ever growing network of excellent distributors. With Millennium we have a shared vision and together can provide the most comprehensive and complementary service to an ever increasing discerning client base in Sri Lanka.\\\"

\\\"Stuart and his team, from the very beginning, handpicked Kahn as their partner, which we think is a real honour. We already have a customer base in Sri Lanka, so it’s a project with outstanding potential. I am excited for our customers because they will be able to see at close quarters, our complete range of stylish vehicle enhancements on display at Millennium Automotive Group.\\\"

Kahn Group

Kahn Group markets an extensive range of vehicle enhancements that can elevate any vehicle from the mundane to the extraordinary. From stylish and desirable wheels to the most dynamic vehicle styling accessories on the market today, our visual enhancements can transform a good car into a head turning automotive style icon.

It\\\'s not just the exterior of a vehicle that can benefit from our magic touch. Our hand stitched leather interiors are a singular expression of exquisite style and luxury. Our racing seats, steering wheels, drilled pedals and reworked dials all contribute to the car\\\'s tactile user feedback experience and help to create a sense of oneness between driver and car.

Project Kahn

Project Kahn is the original British automotive fashion house - designing and styling bespoke Range Rover vehicles. Each vehicle is tailored to the precise specification of the customer, from the exterior styling to the luxury interior, and designed to maximise comfort and quality.

Chelsea Truck Company

Chelsea Truck Company specialises in unique urban chic. Tough and functional Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender form the basis for our exclusive brand of stylish and purposeful expedition vehicles. All our products represent the ultimate in self expression, for customers who demand to be seen as individuals that stand out from the crowd. 

Kahn Design

Kahn Automobiles is a discriminating purveyor of the world\\\'s most accomplished supercars and bespoke vehicles. Our elegant and sculpted alloy wheel designs are evolved through skilled artistic innovation and the use of state of the art manufacturing techniques and materials. Our strength is our expertise and this is based on 20 years of pursuing perfection. 

Millennium Automotive Group

The Millennium Automotive Group with its headquarters in Singapore and main automotive operations in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Germany combined with our vehicle trading companies in Japan, Korea and the UAE represent brands including Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan, Hyundai and SsangYong. 

Millennium Motors – Sri Lanka

Millennium Motors Sri Lanka offers a range of automotive brands and products to the Sri Lankan market, operating from its newly opened city centre showroom on Union Place.