Saturday, 26 March 2016

Mercedes-Benz India LuxeDrive arrives in Visakhapatnam

• LuxeDrive, a fascinating event based on three pillars of Adrenaline, Gourmet
and Design captivated luxury motoring aficionados of Visakhapatnam
• Mercedes-Benz associated with ‘Gauri Khan Designs’ which is created by
the multi-talented Gauri Khan
• Eminent Chef Ritu Dalmia’ prepared exotic dishes for the food lovers
• One-of-its kind experience of gushing adrenaline: Guests got an opportunity
to experience the fascinating range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles
• Unique chance to test drive the vehicle of their choice, provision of a
complementary vehicle evaluation, opportunity for a special trade-in,
personalized finance offers and other attractions
• Black Edition: For the first time a brand new line, ‘Black Edition’ will be
presented, that comprises exclusive Mercedes-Benz accessories and
merchandise for brand enthusiasts
• LuxeDrive will travel across the country to provide the quintessential luxury
experience synonymous with Mercedes-Benz
• After Visakhapatnam, LuxeDrive will travel to Vijayawada, Chennai,
Bangalore and Nasik

Visakhapatnam: India’s largest luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz brought the much
acclaimed and sought-after customer engagement programme, LuxeDrive, to
Visakhapatnam. This experiential luxury event is based on the three pivotal pillars of
adrenalin, gourmet and design. It dazzled patrons and brand loyalists across age
groups. LuxeDrive is an experience of a lifetime which is synonymous with the famous
Mercedes-Benz luxury experience synonymous with the Three Pointed Star.
The eclectic label ‘Gauri Khan Designs’ done up by Gauri Khan, who is associated with
Mercedes-Benz for the first time, created a furore among guests. In addition, a range of
delectable delicacies were prepared by the eminent chef Ritu Dalmia, for the guests at
the LuxeDrive. The high-note adrenaline rush was seamlessly integrated into
LuxeDrive, with the driving experience of the most fascinating range of Mercedes-Benz
SUVs and sedans. The invigorating LuxeDrive was conducted at the HiFY Go-Karting
Race Circuit, Near Mangamaripeta Bridge, Beach Road, Uppada, Visakhapatnam, AP –
Commenting on the event, Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-
Benz India said, “Visakhapatnam is a significant destination in terms of luxury and a
thriving economy. The burgeoning economy of Vishakhapatnam makes it an emerging
luxury car destination for a marque brand like Mercedes-Benz. With LuxeDrive, we
strive to provide a unique luxury opportunity to the discerning guests and introduce
them to a holistic luxury experience, synonymous with Mercedes-Benz. It is our
endeavour to win the hearts and minds of our patrons and brand loyalists, by creating
new avenues of customer fascination and delight through engagements like LuxeDrive.”
The unique and enthralling Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive showcased the technical
expertise and superior performance that Mercedes-Benz range of vehicles are capable
of. This is demonstrated through a series of self-driving exercises on a specially
designed test track. Managed by a team of expert drivers, various vehicle dynamics and
features were experienced by participants in both off-road and on-road conditions. The
visitors also experienced the memorable ‘Ah My God!’ feeling with the range of breath
taking AMG range of performance cars.
In addition to the adrenaline gushing driving experience, the designer collection by
Gauri Khan beguiled the guests at the event. Gauri Khan’s collection, ‘Gauri Khan
Designs’ added enthusiasm among patrons who came to cherish the grandeur of
LuxeDrive. Similarly, the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity award winner, Chef Ritu
Dalmia interacted with food lovers and made them experience the delectable delicacies.
There was also a special zone for exclusive Mercedes-Benz merchandise where guests
chose and took home their favorite merchandise. The special ‘kids’ zone’ with games for
engaging the kids while their parents/relatives indulged in the experience was an added
attraction, making LuxeDrive a fun-filled event. The MercedesTrophy zone had
exclusive MercedesTrophy goodies on display that kept the participants and families
engaged throughout. Guests also had the unique opportunity to get a free car
evaluation from Mercedes-Benz pre-owned car sales team and an opportunity for
special trade-in and personalized finance offers.